Are you ready for a true fairytale…

Where you are in charge of the ending? Not one where you are dependent on your marriage for fulfillment or your husband to be rescued.


What you need are the tools and a little help to make it happen.

That is where I come in.

I traveled that thorny road. I know it well, too well. I spent a long time in search of heroes and magic.

The journey was far from glamorous. But it is what helped me develop the tools you need for your journey — everything from the mirror that reflects the true you to the shield you use when facing those fire breathing dragons.


Over the course of 20 short weeks you can become:

Rewritten – Moving into Understanding


Empowered – Moving into Clarity


Who’s in Charge – Moving into Confidence


Reframed – Moving into awareness


Identity – Moving into YOU


Transformed – Moving into Resolution


Trusting YOU – Moving into purpose


Energized- Moving Toward Your Dreams


Naked and Unafraid- Moving into Real Love


Nine steps + 10 one on one coaching sessions + 6 live classes + a community

= Ultimate and complete transformation into the Heroine of Your Own Story


It won’t be a cake walk. But compared to what you are living right now, it will feel like you have finally been rescued by YOU.

You are here to live a fully realized life, with joy and passion and purpose. And you can.

Please know that this process IS NOT A halfway, “feel good for a time”, sugar coating for your life. It is that complete transformation you long for.

It is a dive into intensive one on one work, homework, accountability and a community of like-minded heroines who are fighting like hell to rewrite the story of their life, just like you.

If you truly can’t live this way anymore and you are ready to change your life, I can promise you that you will.


But know this first -

It requires commitment – to yourself.

It requires an investment of your time, your energy, your heart, and yes, your finances.  It is not a downloadable, do it yourself program. But then, you’ve probably already tried those, along with the books, the seminars, and counseling. I know, I’ve been there. That’s why I created this program.

So if you are ready — I mean, really ready — click that button


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