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Once upon a time life was easy.

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We were younger.

More hopeful.

Less disillusioned.

True love and happily ever after seemed possible — perhaps even real.

But those days seem far away. Now it feels that all you have left is obligation, stress, and anxiety. Even the best parts of your life are overshadowed because your most intimate and primary relationship - your marriage leaves you with disappointment, sadness and anger. You long for more.

It doesn’t have to stay that way. Let’s get you back to the woman you used to be — the woman you want to be.

There are two paths you can take:


Marriage Myths Transcendent

Monthly Membership

Marriage Myths Rewritten

12 Week Intensive Program

Kimberly listens with great skill, gently probes into more possibilities and guides you towards the “aha” of what may be holding you back. I find her exceptionally intuitive, well trained and invested. Kim brings her best self. She coaches from and with her heart! Her talent and commitment are exceptional!
— J.G.

Marriage Myths Transcendent

A membership program designed for those feisty, independent heroines who just crave a bit of direction. You will discover how your particular archetype reacts to conflict in marriage, how your innate intelligence helps you navigate those “slings and arrows” of conflict, and how to make sense of your feelings.

The program includes:

  • Written content delivered at the first of the month

  • Monthly live classes with Q&A

  • Private Facebook Group

There are three levels available, depending on how much support you desire.


 Marriage Myths REWRITTEN

A 12 week intensive program designed for women looking for clear direction, a personal plan for moving forward and ongoing 1:1 support to make thorough and transformative change in their lives.

This is not a philosophy you just read and put away. This is a proprietary system for unlocking your innate strengths and rewriting your life with:

  • 12 1:1 personal coaching sessions

  • Beginning with a two hour strategy intro

  • Weekly email check ins

  • Access to me via email M-F

  • An interactive Facebook community

  • Inclusion in the MMT membership during the 12 weeks,

    • which includes 6 live classes per month and weekly material to reinforce the tools you will learn

  • Bonus guest expert sessions

Not sure which path is right for you? Let’s hop on a complimentary call to find out.