Amazing women do amazing things – and YOU ARE AMAZING


Amazing women do amazing things – and YOU ARE AMAZING!

How can I say that you're amazing if we’ve never even met?

Easy, you are here.

For whatever reason, because you feel distance in your marriage and you want to reconnect; because you have already disconnected but you can’t seem to leave; because you are afraid of disconnecting; or you suspect he is having an affair; or you are having an affair; or; or….

It makes no difference why you showed up.

Providence brought us together and you are making an effort to change what you don’t like about your life. That takes courage. That takes initiative. That takes strength and an open heart, and chutzpah.

That my gorgeous friend makes you A- M- A -Z -I -N -G. according to stats, which vary – anywhere from 41 to 67% of women say their marriage is unhappy overall.

Stats also indicate that only a small percentage of those that are unhappy take any initiative to do anything about it.

But you are taking initiative. Maybe you are just dipping your toe in; reading emails, googling solutions. Maybe you have gone further than that, but you aren’t sure where to turn.

I have a couple of suggestions.

1. If you haven’t joined the private FB group, The Marriage Myth – join us. I’m in there all the time, doing FB Lives and posting information and resources that will help you. There are some other amazing women, like you, and they can offer you a world of support.

2. If you have reached a place where you are ready to take that next step – the membership program – Marriage Myths Transcendent – is perfect for you. This is an intimate gathering of incredible women plus live classes and group coaching. I will have the gift of meeting you and working with you as well. The cost for this next
step into the life you long to live is only $2.42/day. I know, it’s seems ridiculously reasonable, and it is.

When you join Marriage Myths Transcendent and respond to this email with “yes, I am ready for the next step” I will send you two free gifts – PDF’s loaded with info to get you moving in the right direction. And – a quiz to help you see how you most naturally give and receive love – Your Love Essence.

3. If you feel a personalized, one-on-one experience will be better to help you get true clarity about how to reconnect and stay “in love” or to know without a doubt if your marriage is truly over, plus create the best plan for moving into true joy, add the two coaching sessions to your Marriage Myths Transcendent membership package.

With that, you’ll receive another gift! And a powerful one. I will gift you a 45-minute planning session ($109 value).

For almost three hours of one on one work and the membership site, with all its support and connection, you will be spending less than $10/day. Compare the cost of that to staying stuck, miserable or hopeless.

The choice is yours lovely one – whatever you choose – my greatest wish is that you will look in the mirror as soon as you finish reading this and repeat these words out loud–

Because you are –own it - believe it!