Why We Fall Prey


Do you ever think to yourself, that if you didn’t have your kids to worry about, you would have left your marriage long ago?

Or, do you ever think back and wish you hadn’t had that maternal pull in the first place? (no, of course, you don’t regret your children. You love and adore them. But come on, have you ever thought that if it hadn’t been for the DESIRE to have a family, you might be in a totally different place right now? If so, keep reading.)

Ever heard about Dung Beetles? Yes, aptly named because they roll “poo” into balls (I know, lovely thought - but stick with me). 

Well, scientists study these mystical creatures for a variety of reasons - but one of the main ones was to determine how they manage to roll these enormous poo balls into almost perfect symmetrical shapes.

What they discovered is not only fascinating but helps explain the science behind our biological clock:  

The light and pull of the moon is what determines whether the “poo ball” is symmetrical or lopsided
I know you are excited to learn about that, but wait for it -- this is why it matters to us.

As it turns out, we too are highly affected by that same pull.

  • That “tick tock” in our “biological clock” comes from little protein molecules that regulate our circadian rhythms.

  • And our circadian rhythms are regulated by dark and light.

  • Want to know another secret? Men have a biological clock too - (so no, this was not made up by a woman desperate to have children - ha!)

In essence -  a massive group of nerve cells (neurons) called the suprachiasmatic nucleus - SCN for short (thank goodness), located in the hypothalamus of the brain, is influenced by input from our eyes, which in turn: 

  • Determines hormone release in our body (you know what that means).

  • Impacts our eating habits, digestion, and sleep patterns

All of this to say – it is not your fault you longed for marriage and family – blame it on the pull of the moon! Kidding, sort of.

The long and short of it is this, there were millions of tiny choices we made that created our world. At the time they seemed good, but now, maybe not so much. If you feel like those decisions have you drowning in poo the moon is probably not going to help you roll it up all nice and neat – but I can. 

I’m not an astro-theologian nor do I have wizard skills to align the moon’s pull on you.

But I have devoted the better part of my life learning how to roll poo into manageable balls.
It’s why I am here –

If you are tired of depending on circumstances, him or the moon for help, here is a link for a free 30 minute consultation. You can tell me all about the poo you are dealing with and I will tell you the best way to roll it all up.