What's Important To You?


What’s important to you?

Today is a beautiful day here.

Springtime beautiful. 

I noticed looking out that the crocus, daffodils, and narcissus I planted are coming up. Excited, I went outside to get a closer look. 

But guess what happened next? I zoomed in too close.

The flowers, color, and sunshine that beckoned from my kitchen window gave way to weeds that needed pulling, bulbs that had been crushed, and fragile blooms that had been pounded by the sleet we had on Sunday.

That is when my story "why can’t anything just be easy" hit. 

Here’s why:

2019 has been a challenging year because of an accident my husband had. He is in pain. And despite rigging an amazing contraption for navigating the stairs, one flight is about all he can manage, so he is sleeping in the guest room on the second floor instead of our room on the third. 

It also means I do all the lifting, shifting, toting and fetching – serving meals on a tray, etc., etc.  

The hard part is that the hardware they used to repair his knee seems to be shifting. He was just reaching the quasi walking stage (still using a walker, but at least weight bearing to a degree). Now, he is concerned he will have to go back for a second surgery – soon. Needless to say, it has been weighing heavily on him, and as a result, us.

I have laughingly shared that all of this is a great reminder to me about why I do what I do. 

In my last marriage, under these same circumstances, it would have been close to dish throwing time. Instead, I have been able to hold my own. 

But I also realized, thanks to the lovely daffodils, I have stoically tucked away the story about struggle, telling myself that no matter what I do, it will always be hard. 

That’s when I remembered something a client said to me recently. 

She had a crazy busy week and the only time she had to work in her session was at 4 am.  I was impressed. I love rising before the world in the dark silence, watching everything come to life. But that is predicated on being alone, in the silence, with my coffee, my thoughts and my writing.

When I raved about her discipline and diligence, she said, "if it’s important I make it happen. And this is important."

Wow... I was silenced for a moment.

It is why I love the work I do. I am inspired by the amazing women I work with. 

She is right. If it is really important to me, I find a way to get it done. 

As I remembered this beautiful woman’s face, her joy and her example, I spent about 30 minutes repairing and caring for the flowers that color my life so beautifully. 

And I changed my story about hardship.

You can too. 

It doesn’t matter what is going on around you as much as what is going on inside you. 

There are only two questions to ask yourself – 

What is important to me?

What do I tell myself about why I can’t have it?

We all need help rewriting our stories.

l will help you re-write the story that keeps you stuck, sad, angry or confused. 

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