What Do You Have to Lose?


Here’s how much time there is between October 21st and December 16th:

  • 4,924,800 seconds

  • 82,080 minutes

  • 1368 hours

  • 57 days

  • 8 weeks and 1 day

  • 15.62% of 2019

What can you do with that time? 

You can change your life.  Can you even imagine that?

Can you see yourself living joyfully, energetically, successfully, easily, comfortably? Is it possible for you to believe that you can be content, healthy and experiencing love, by the end of the year?

I taught a Masterclass last week and released my new program, “Married, Miserable and Confused – The Cure” because I want you to get what you need by the end of the year. 

I have spoken with so many women who decided to try something besides what I offer. I don’t have any hard feelings. When you are in a place of extreme doubt, pain and confusion – you just want relief. 

Here’s the funny thing though – so many of these same women come back here. Reading my emails, coming to free classes, grasping at whatever will help them sort their lives out. 

When we try something and it doesn’t work, that’s almost worse than not trying anything at all. We get our hopes up and then, they crash to the floor. 

I don’t want that to happen to you. 

So, let me share what a few women have had shared with me, so you know this is the real deal – 

“Your masterclass really hit a nerve. I saw myself in everything you were saying. I realize it’s time for me to get to work.” 

“I have been reading your emails for a while – I tried something else, but it didn’t work the way I hoped it would. I still keep coming back to you.”

And then here is what a client said:

“During the Masterclass I realized how much I changed and grown! I thought I would definitely have rated higher in the “undesirable” range – but then I realized - Maybe it is just that I am really putting into practice what you teach.”

Just so you know, I have done the same thing. I invested a lot of money, time, energy and emotion into many things that didn’t work for me.  And just like you, I kept going until I found what did. 

Until we find the solution that works for us – we keep trying. We keep searching. 

If you are still in that place – searching, confused, in pain – I understand. And I don’t blame you. I don’t judge you. 

I just know I can help you. That is what pushed me to keep reaching out to you. I keep asking because I don’t want to see you in pain.

Because if you are anything like me – you won’t stay miserable and confused – you’ll keep searching.

Say yes to yourself and all the ways your life can improve by the end of the year. 

Say yes to “Married, Miserable and Confused – the Cure.” As a special bonus I’m also including a personalized, confidential strategy session with a written synopsis and tools to help you move forward. 

This nine-week course designed to get you to the goal of confident, clear and sure about your next step.

What have you got to lose?

But get it soon – Married, Miserable and Confused – The Cure and bonus strategy session offer ends Friday, October 4th. It won’t be offered again for a while.

Don’t give up. Do this instead.