Can You Save Your Marriage?


Can you save you marriage?

Hmmm, that’s a tough question. And a painful one.

Let’s think on that one a bit.

Some people, especially those who feel all marriages can be saved, would probably tell you yes. Others might say no.

Friends who love you and see you crying all the time might want to support you and just say, “leave him, you deserve to be happy.”

I would agree with them that you deserve, to at least pursue happiness. And if you are crying all the time, that’s pretty hard to do.

But, if you believe that the only thing standing between you and happiness is your husband, or that happiness can be found in any man, I want to challenge you a bit on that one lovely.

So, great, where does that leave you then, still bouncing back and forth, straddling the fence, confused, undecided?

I can help. It may seem strange to hear this, but you don’t have to stay sad, lonely, angry and miserable – if you really don’t want to.

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I will give you three steps you can take toward your truth about your marriage – And that will feel so much better than any answer I or anyone else could ever give you.

Kimberly Benjamin Houdebine