Would You Like To Get Off The Confusion Train?


Do you ever find yourself thinking things like – 

“Should I stay or leave?” 
“Why can’t I be happy?” 

I did. 

And then I would catch myself and try to turn my negative thoughts into positive affirmations. 

I counted my blessings (which were and always are real). But repeating things my brain wouldn’t accept only made me feel smaller, more foolish, shameful and guilty. 

Until that defining moment when anger replaced sadness and the normally non-confrontational, peace-loving me, hurled a glass across the room. 

It was a sign I couldn’t ignore. 

So, I began to search. 

Thankfully I found answers before breaking all the dishes in the house. 

Many of my clients come to me in that same place. They feel they should be satisfied. They berate themselves for not “knowing better”, “seeing more clearly”, or “being happy”. They are confused about what to do next because they are stuck on the thought train of self-doubt and confusion.

This is part of what I tell them:

·     There is nothing wrong with you. 
·     You can’t know something you haven’t learned, or 
·     Recognize something you haven’t seen. 
·     You have not failed. 
·     You are not crazy. 
·     No, you do not want too much.
·     Your friends mean well, but it doesn’t mean they have the answers. 

Maybe hearing those truths will help you relax a bit too. And this…

That little voice telling you there has to be more is right. Sometimes we just get on a train going nowhere (focused on the past, feeling wounded or afraid).

This is how one of my clients explained it – “I was paralyzed because I didn’t know which way to go. Thank you for helping me find my path.”

Getting off the train of confusion is so much easier – and quicker – when we have a guide. 

The pain is real. Because when we believe there is only one train we can take – accept our fate or divorce, the brain produces evidenced to support those thoughts.

Our brain suggests that if we just switch seats (try harder) we will have a new experience. 

How many times have you thought that if you just learn to express yourself differently, your husband will hear you and all will be well?

Maybe it is time to catch a new train? 

Here’s how that begins. 

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation. I will help you see the train of thoughts that tell you it will never get better. And help you find new tracks to run on. If I don’t feel like I am the right person to do that, I will tell you that too.