Holy Hell, It's April Already!

Are you Ready feel the sun again_.png

It’s Spring! Birds chirping, flowers blooming, new life popping up everywhere. It’s beautiful.

 It is also the beginning of the second quarter of 2019, and tax season. It’s freaking April already!

 What the hell happened to the first part of 2019?

 If that’s what you’re asking yourself, because you promised this year would be different – you promised this was your year. Your year to find the joy you wanted in your marriage or you would damned sure change things. You weren’t going to live the rest of your life this way.

Is that what you promised yourself?

 If so, I have just one more question. Are you doing it?

 Taking that first step toward a better marriage/relationship/life can be scary. Getting to first base is the biggest challenge. Once you do that the momentum makes the second step so much easier.

 I hear that over and over with the women I work with. They tell me how glad they are that they finally made the commitment to changing their life. They talk about how they wished they done it sooner. But sometimes it takes a while to commit to your own well-being.

 Many women I talk to tell me they are ready. And then they disappear silently back into the world they are familiar with. It hurts my heart. Because I know, once they commit to themselves, they are on first base. And I can help them get the rest of the way, if they want it.

 It’s a commitment, yes. A commitment to you. A commitment to living fully in who you are. A commitment to finding joy regardless of what your husband does or doesn’t do.

 But as a friend said recently – commitment is sexy.

 What are you committed to?

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