Is Comfort Keeping You Stuck?


I was fortunate to be raised by an amazing woman who taught and modeled positive thinking without knowing that was what she was doing.

She told me I could do or be anything I wanted to – and I grew up believing her. 

But even with that support and encouragement I stalled at times. 

I hadn’t connected the thousands of thoughts I had each day (about my circumstances and the unfairness of life) to how my life was. 

By the time I was in my late 20’s I had decided that positive thinking was nothing but a way for someone else to make money selling me their book. 

And then I found coaching.

Then it all made sense.

I realized that the things I had been doing (struggling through affirmations and visualization techniques) would never work if I went right back to my familiar patterns of thinking.

I want to see you get to a better place much sooner than I did. 

I want to share three super simple (don’t read easy here) steps you can do right now. 

I’ll break this down into three blogs. We’ll cover Step One today:

  1. Figure out what you really want.

As silly and moronic as this sounds, it is surprising how many of us don’t do it. Before you click delete – hear me out.

If I were to ask you right this minute what you want, would you say something like "to be happy?"

Happy is great – but what does happiness mean to you – specifically.

For example – I had call the other day with my coach. It was an early morning call. I told her how much I liked her lipstick and she said she knew I didn’t care if she were dressed and "made up," BUT, it made her feel better to put on her favorite shade of Tom Ford lipstick.

That is a very specific thing that makes her happy.

I just had a lovely young girl spend three hours cleaning my house for the company we are having.

Man, am I happy right now!

Being happy is the end game – it’s the feeling generated by thoughts you are thinking.

What are your happy thoughts?   

If you want happiness, figure out specific things you think happy thoughts about.

It is spending time alone or surrounded by people? 

Doing something that gives you a sense of accomplishment? 

Being completely decadent?

What is it you want lovely one?

Come up with a list of five things (restraint is actually very freeing) that you really, really want.

And then check back Sunday for step two!

Until then, if you have no idea how to start, here’s a link for a complimentary call. Together we can begin turning that frown upside down (into a smile – get it?)   Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Gros, gros Bisous!!