If Only He Would...


Have you ever had that thought? If only my husband (or lover, partner, etc.) would... 

You can fill in the blank with anything – hold me, make love to me, help me with the chores, listen to me, be a better father, pay attention, and so forth and so on. 

What it means is… if only he would… then I could be happy.

We don’t realize that is what we are saying, but it is.

We are buying into my favorite marriage myth. We believe that our happiness, or unhappiness is something he could fix, if only he would.

It’s the classic “raised on Cinderella” mindset. We find prince charming (that’s supposed to be the hard part) and then he becomes responsible for our happiness.

Ironically, men are wired to consider our happiness as a feather in their cap, it sort of works, in the short term. Because, believe it or not, most of them really DO want to make us happy.

But it is all a myth. They can make us happy.

They don’t have the power to make us happy.

Only we have that power.

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