I Married The Wrong Man - Twice

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It’s true, and it’s not so true. But I was utterly convinced of its validity. And that became my story. The sad part is the anger, frustration and wasted years I spent trying to prove to my husband that we could make it work, even though we were mismatched, if we only worked together on it.

Well, I worked on it, and he tried in his own way, he really did. But because I was so tied into that myth, the only thing I was working on – unbeknownst to me – was proving something to him. I was wrapped up in thoughts about how different we were and how he was not capable of giving me the things I desperately wanted and needed.

If you happen to be any one of the three archetypes in the Free Spirit Essence, this marriage myth is a particularly prickly one for you. The longing for a rich, VARIED, connected and deeply satisfying life is as instinctive for you as it is for the Mississippi River to flow to the Gulf of Mexico. And - if he doesn’t share your vision, your yearnings can drive the power of this myth until it becomes a belief, like it did for me. But don’t do what I did - before you jump ship – because all you know  is that  you want more than what you have now - spend some time getting to know you; where you really want to go, what you truly most long to do, how you most want to be connected and what that means for you.

I can help you do that.

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Don’t let the myths surrounding marriage steal your joy.