How to “Unsubscribe” from an Unhappy Marriage


I work with women in a world of pain in their marriages. That’s why I am willing to bend over backwards to support them. But it took me several years to fully understand that I can’t do the work for them. 

I have taken calls at 11pm and 6am when I thought it was truly necessary. I’ve taught free classes at 1 am. I spend as much time after sessions doing session summaries with additional coaching insight, suggestions and homework as I do in the actual session.

I offer free consultation calls. I don’t like to see amazing, wonderful women in a lonely, dark place. It is why I do what I do.

But I can work till I am blue in the face, pour out everything I am, everything I have – it won’t work unless you work as hard for you as I do.

I was stood up for a free consultation call. Why? Probably because to the person who booked it, with absolutely no obligation, suddenly doubted herself, or questioned if she was ready, and didn’t feel obliged to show up.

That is what happens when we bounce from idea to idea, book to book, listening to everyone we can – with no investment of our own – we aren’t obliged to change our lives.

I feel connected to every woman I speak with, like it is my job to make sure they get the help they need. But it’s not. It pains me to say that, but it’s your job. I just meet you there with the information and support you need to make it happen.

If you can’t show up for yourself for a free call, it is going to be really, really hard to get out of pain.

I wish I could sugar coat that a bit, because I hear that you are hurting. But if you want to stop hurting, you have to show up for yourself.

You have to book the call, you have to show up for the call and then yes, you have to invest in changing your life, mentally, physically, with your time, your energy and your money.

Because until you invest in you, no one else will.  You must, lovely one, want to be joyful, more than you want to be where you are now. It’s hard. I get it.

My advice. Don’t book a call until you’re ready. It’s okay if you aren’t ready, don’t let that make you feel like a failure, but you need to know that – for you – not me –I can’t help you unless you are ready to do the work. No one can.

If you’re ready… I can’t wait to talk! We can magical things together! Book it here.

With lots of love - Bisous