Free Is Fun!

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Free is fun!

Free and new make it double fun – here it is!!!  Woo hoo – pop the cork! It’s champagne time.

A bit of back story

I have been working on a membership site for over a year now. I know that all of us can use a hand sometimes.

You know how it is. We have good intentions, then life happens. We get back on track, then life happens again. We start over and life happens again.   

I talk with women in pain, every day. Sometimes they really want to change, they need help, but financially they are strapped. Sometimes they simply weren’t able to keep the momentum going on their own. I understand that! I wanted everyone to get what they needed. Something that would encourage and support these brilliant women that was also affordable and accessible.  

A membership site seemed so perfect!

And tthhheeennnn…….

I got married, which created a desire to change my business name, which led to a new website, which became a colossal challenge (understatement).

We moved from Paris to Orléans – magnifique! But you know, it’s still a moving process …

I was working on a tedious process to get a French resident’s card which had me pond hopping every three months (US to France and back) for almost a year. I wanted to share daily tips and announce the new site(s), so I started working on a podcast –

And then in January, in a strange twist of fate, my poor husband broke his knee just like I had four years ago.

All that Life Stuff we drown in.

Soooo, as a way to say thank you for hanging in there, for not giving up hope that there is help out there somewhere, for continuing to look and be patient…

I want to give you a gift.

The membership site is a live class or group coaching session every week (recorded for your convenience), written material to work through, and access to a library of years of archived material.

It has been created with the sole purpose that no woman has to be alone, in pain, confused about her next step.

And guess what!!! (free part!!!) If you join now, I will give you the first month FREE!

You will find the group a safe place, to share your heart, questions, hopes and dreams; a place to gather strength, encouragement, direction and confidence.

Join us now. Don’t let life get in the way.