Feel Like You Are Caught Between The Rock And The Proverbial Hard Place?

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That’s how it feels when we are stuck in our marriage. 

And truth be told, even when we are fed up, packed up and ready to walk out, there is some small part of us that wants to hold on.

Whether it is fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of making a mistake or just because deep down inside we still love him, it keeps us see sawing back and forth between – GO, STAY, GO, until we are so spent, we give up.

Most of the time it is easier to go numb and stay put, than it is to strike out. The pain has to outweigh the fear.

But what if you had someone that would walk with you, help you sort out the details, support you through the decision-making process – without asking for your first born child in payment?

I created the Marriage Myths Transcendent Membership Program to be a support network for women at all stages of marital discord, from wanting to make it work to “I’m outta here!”

But even live classes and written material are limited when you are in that acute phase of needing to do something -RIGHT NOW – because you just can’t imagine another month of this, much less longer. So, I talked to my clients, and perspective clients and this is what I heard.

What you need is an immediate sense of relief. You need to know that within 30-days you can stop the back and forth and feel good about the decision you are making – whether that is to stay or go.

I listened.

When you join the MMT Membership program by August 12th and enroll for the two one on one coaching sessions, I am including a free 45-minute call – a $109 bonus call to get you started. That, along with the membership classes, supporting written materials that help you solidify the things you learn, the support of like-minded women in the same place you are – and the two one-on-one sessions will give you everything you need, RIGHT NOW, to take that next best step – with clarity and confidence.

You’ve had enough. You can’t live this way anymore. You don’t have to. For only $299 you can have what you need to change that.

If you are interested, be sure to join before August 12th. You deserve it!