Emotion, Emotion, Emotion


Emotion, emotion, emotion. Do you feel yours is “Too Much," ?

It’s true, science has declared that emotions drive our lives. So why do we feel we have to “control” or repress them? 

Because when we are stuck in hopelessness or confusion about what went wrong in our marriages, we get trapped in a mental prison playing the tape of our thoughts over and over until it is all we can see.

Have you ever felt that way? Like you had to stuff your feelings or they would overwhelm you?  If so, let me offer you some hope.

We are told all our lives to be “feminine and attractive” basically to feign damsel-in-distress until a Knight shows up to save us. After we marry, however, we are told our femininity, our emotions, our instincts, and our intuition are inferior to the masculine qualities of productivity, stoicism and physical strength. 

Even men are likewise trained to hide their need for love (or any other quality that might be considered feminine) at all costs.

And that, my fairest one, is pure “poo”. We need - and have- both sets of qualities and strengths. Neither is superior to the other. 

As a matter of fact, it is only when one “side” over-powers or outweighs the other that we get into trouble.

So, if we can accept that our emotions are the driving force behind the actions we take, how can we “manage” them without falling prey to them?

We become intimate with them, invite them in, get to know them, make them feel welcome.

And the best and most fun way to do that is to get back in touch with what lights us up - what makes us smile. Welcome the sun on our faces, not hide in shame that we are somehow defective or inferior.

If you are ready to be fully and completely whole – letting all of your qualities, strengths and emotions free - here is a link for a free 30-minute consultation. We will talk about how you can bring it all to the world and feel the exhilarating joy of sunny days!