Don’t Give Up. Don’t Let Fear Win.

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Don’t give up. Don’t let fear win

 I work with some of the most amazing women. I received an email today from one of them, sharing a major epiphany she had because of the work we have been doing together. 

Another client emailed me last week after our call (in which she shared some deeply intimate and painful information she had never shared before). She is finally beginning to shake off years of darkness because of it.

It gives me such immense joy to hear these women, to watch them bloom and grow and create the lives they want to live.

But, it is only possible because they are doing it. They are doing the work required to make that happen. I am helping them find their truth, face their shadows and see how strong and brave and beautiful they are. BUT THEY ARE DOING THE WORK.

I talk to so many women in pain. I have never had a Discovery Call with a woman who didn’t break down in tears. Some of them I have to let go of, because despite the darkness of their situations, they aren’t ready.

It is painful to witness because it could be so different for them.

But I have realized, after years of coaching – and my own personal journey – change happens when the pain becomes greater than the challenge and fear of change. There is no magic bullet. And sadly, lovely ones, there is no short cut. It took you a lifetime to get where you are now. Becoming a new person is about changing your beliefs, that takes time. And it requires help.

You can long for a different life, visualize, write affirmations, read books, but unless you have an objective person to help you see  your blind spots, help you cultivate self-love, and support you while you change– it won’t work. It’s like doing the same thing but wearing a different dress.

When you can show up for a one-hour call weekly (even bi- weekly), do an hour’s worth of written work per week – spend as little as five minutes a day practicing and $5 to $15/day to get help – you can change your life. It really is that simple. I didn’t say easy. I said simple.

I promise you this, when you show up, choose yourself, change your life and step into the beautiful, empowered woman you truly are, the work is all worth it.

Let’s get started. Book your 15-minute Discovery Call here and we’ll explore how our working together and get you the life you want.