Did You Know This About Beyonce?


Did you know that:

  • Beyoncé rehearsed and dieted for 8 months for a two-hour performance.

  • Brad Pitt spent a year getting in shape for the movie Troy

  • The band members of Queen invested 11 years creating Bohemian Rhapsody

  • Venus and Serena Williams began practiced tennis every morning before school at 6am -from age 7

  • Michael Jordan practiced something like 300 jump shots every day in the off season.

  • The First Harry Potter book took J.K. Rowling six years to write, and Tolkien spent 16 years on The Lord of the Rings.

It is easy to believe these superstars were destined to become great – and that we – are not as gifted, talented, blessed or lucky.  But that wouldn’t be true. The only difference between these well-known people and us is this - somewhere inside they believed it was possible.

What do you believe about your life, your ability to be happy, happily married, or confidently single? Do you believe, deep down it can happen?

Or do you tell yourself that:

  • You failed

  • You are defective

  • You’ve wasted your life, made terrible choices

  • All your good years are behind you

  • It’s too late

  • I married the wrong man

 Because I am here to say those thoughts aren’t true – unless you believe them.

So, just for fun, let’s get a little “Beyoncé like”

  • If you want to reconnect to your husband – why not be the one to initiate it –Go for what makes you feel good.

  • If you want more passion in your marriage, maybe you could try seducing him. Flirting. Letting your hotness out. Yes, it will feel scary. You will feel awkward. Do it anyway

  • If you want more affection, try perhaps being more affectionate.

  • If you want more excitement, wonder what might happen if you become more exciting

  • If you want more fun, embrace the kid in you and let her come out to play.

  • If you want to be heard, become a listener as well.

  • If you just want out – figure out what is it outside your marriage that you believe you will have

Think about it like this - If you were starving, would you just sit on your sofa and wait on someone to bring you food?

When you become the passionate, excited, affectionate person you are and long to be, it pulls those things toward you without effort.

OR – it highlights and clarifies what needs to change.

Which means that whatever happens – you find your joy. Because– you are changing for you – not him, not your marriage, not your kids, not for the world, but for you.

You will never resent work that you do for you. You will not regret any investment you make in you. And you will never lose anything – anything – by becoming the person you know deep inside that you are and living the life you long for.

I want to help you get there. Whatever it is you want to do! Here are the three ways you can work with me. Pick the one that challenges you the most, not the easy one. The one that challenges you the most will give you the most benefit! That’s a little golden nugget I’ve learned along the way. The easy way doesn’t usually give me what I want!

I can’t wait to connect with you and get you what you want!

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