Did Curiosity Really Kill The Cat?

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I’ve been using archetypes with the beautiful women I have the pleasure of coaching to make sense out of why we like the things we like; want the things we want and love the way we do.

I hate to see women struggling with their identity in marriage and relationship.

It often means they judge themselves unkindly.

I love coaching women to embrace curiosity.

Curiosity is magic.

In the spirit of curiosity, we can go deeper.

When we become curious, not just about what we are innately drawn to, but what our thoughts are, and about ourselves, it’s as if we have opened a magical door.

Shame, regret, remorse, guilt and fear are telltale signs that we have hidden beliefs dragging us down into an abyss.

Learning more about what drives us, how our feminine archetype, or essence, operates in love, allows us to break-through confusion. When we can see that wanting what we want is not selfish and doesn’t have to be self-destructive, we are liberated from so many self-deprecating thoughts.

Using that knowledge to discern how we bring enchantment into our lives and what we need from love, gives us a foundation for exploring the best way to create a life that sets our soul on fire.

We are all uniquely created to do things in this world that only we can do. If we don’t do them, if we don’t use our gifts, skills and hard learned wisdom, it will be lost. Sure, the world will keep spinning, but it will be less brilliant without the light you can bring.

This is not to heap more guilt on you. You can’t pour from an empty cup. But you can invest in you and discover that you have so much more strength and power than you believe you do at this moment.

I’ve got two easy ways for you to discover and unleash that power.

First, take the “Discover Your Magic” archetype quiz. Just click this link to access the quiz. There are six fun, easy questions. Don’t over-think it, go with your gut. Then hit reply and email me the numeric response to each of the six questions. I’ll email you back with what your archetype is and give you some fun information about it. If you’re anything like me, you’ll say, “Oh my! This makes so many things make sense!”

Then, join my monthly membership program – Marriage Myths Transcendent. I’m even offering a 30-day FREE trial. You’ll find a group of women just like you – who once thought there was no way for them to be happy, to live boldly and joyfully – until they learned more about themselves and how to release their essence and live a life that sets their soul on fire.

Take the quiz, join the membership program. Don’t wait, don’t second guess yourself, don’t rationalize, don’t buy another book, or join another group just because it is free - don’t keep doing the same things you have been doing that got you to this place. Do something new.

Do You.  The magical you.