I Love What I Do - Call Me Crazy


I read a blog recently that led me to share this with you today. 

We all have a list of favorite things, little things that give us tingles or make us smile. 

Here are a few of mine:

·     Getting up when it is dark outside, before the world stirs, to have quiet alone time.
·     Just the smell of good coffee and leather books gives me goosebumps
·     My husband saying je t’aime in his lyrical French accent
·     The phone ringing with my son’s number showing
·     The feeling after a great yoga or painting session

And love notes…

Love notes arriving in my inbox giving me an update from a client who had a particularly challenging week – and she is thanking me for giving her the guidance, support, and tools to manage it.

I don’t share names or photos because the work I do is way too private and personal. So, to protect them and keep the trust and confidentiality needed, I can only share some of what they say…

Your email is another example of why I love working with you … Thank you for your wisdom and feedback!

Or this one:

Enjoy your day and know how special and talented you are in your work.

Notes like those, where a beautiful soul took the time and energy to share with me what was going on with them make my heart want to burst with enthusiasm and joy. I can’t imagine ever doing anything else.

And what about you, lovely one? Are you ready to be on the other side of pain and confusion?

If so, here is a link for a free call, no pressure, just clarity on what your next step could be.

Sending you so much love!