Having One Of Those Days?


Having One Of Those Days?

I am behind getting this written. I have all kinds of legit reasons for it, working on my digital course, the retreat, tweaking the program, traveling back and forth to Orléans to look for a new place to live, packing and then coming down with a bad cold amid it all.

But the real reason I am late is that, wow, it has been a challenging few months. At times, I have really had to pull myself in and dig deep. It makes me so very grateful for the tools I learned as a Life Coach. And for the coach friends I have developed along the way.

I have a small group I meet with every Monday that holds me accountable, checks to see where I am and where I want to go. Women I can reach out to.

And I have my own coach again, as of today. I had let personal coaching go last year in favor of a business mastermind, but going through all the changes this year, it really hit me how much I needed that personal one on one with someone who could challenge and support me at the same time. After our call today I was reminded of the wonder of coaching, the tools that help center me and allow me to reconnect to what (and who) is important to me, especially when everything seems to be in flux.

Coaching taught me how to check my emotions against my thoughts, feel them in my body and allow them the space to pass through if they aren’t beneficial. My coach today went over refocusing, helping me to see that even in the middle of chaos and doubt there were things I could be doing to shift perceptions. She showed me how to reframe things into something I could use. It gave me an instant sense of calm, even sitting in the middle packing boxes and deadlines and to do lists.

Because let’s face it, I am crazy excited about the upcoming move to Orléans, but change is challenging.

I realize, however,  it isn’t as much as what many of you are going through.

Which made me wonder about you. What you do when things get really, really hard? What is your source of strength and comfort? Who are your people?

Some the ladies in my Facebook group have shared some very personal stories. It hurts my heart to hear your struggles.

So, one suggestion - whether you have the support of a coach or not, find community. Don’t go it alone. Connect, share, let people in. Ask for help.

And, let me know if there is anything I can do. Sending you all lots of love.


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