Hello Lovely One

let me introduce myself, I’m Kimberly.


I am a master certified coach. And I am here to help you end the pain in your marriage, whether you stay “in love”, or part with confidence and grace.

Your fairy godmother? Not quite, more like your relationship alchemist.

But, I only work this magic with one half of the relationship - you.

To help you

  • Fall in love again -first with  you

  • Find the commitment you long for - in you

  • Transform your marriage or, baring that…

  • Part confidently, gracefully and lovingly


I see your pain, confusion and anger


You don’t have to choose between being unhappily married and divorce

It isn’t an either/or

But before you can go anywhere you need clarity, support and direction


It is impossible to


Go anywhere if you have no idea “where you are and where you want to go”

If we work together I will help you find your truth and your path -whether that means a peaceful pause, re-building or creating something entirely new.

I understand it looks frightening. But it is so much better than where you are - living in a half hearted way - just trying to survive and wondering what happened.

Taking the first step always seems like the hardest one.

But, one step at a time is how we create our lives.

And I will be here to show you how.

Because that is what is different about the way I work,

I offer you tools to reinforce the principles. A unique two part quiz series to gain insight into what motivates you.


And step by step help on how to be seen and heard in your marriage.

How to understand your husband and create boundaries that foster love not distance.

How to let go of the past, without fearing the same patterns will keep popping up.

And how to choose happiness.

Which gives you the confidence to re-connect or move forward in another way.


It took me a lifetime to uncover the secret to joy

and it is this simple-

Become the author of Your Story.




Which doesn’t mean you have to run away and leave everything and everyone you know behind

You Rewrite Your Story by:

  • Choosing how you want to feel

  • Ending critical self judgement

  • Uncovering limiting beliefs that create pain

  • Rediscovering who you are and what you want

  • Boldly and passionately experiencing life

  • Learning how to ask for what you long for and deserve

  • Discovering the secret between letting go vs giving in


What makes me so confident?

Because I have done it. And I have helped many, many other women do it too.

It brought me to my dream life in Orléans, France

I am a mother to an amazing 27 year old son and “mother in love” to a new daughter

  • wife to a handsome Frenchman, an international resilience expert who has lived in 8 countries

  • Step mother to an incredible world traveling young woman and a brilliant PhD son

  • owner, creator and founder of The Marriage Myth Cure transformational program

  • international best selling author of two books on creativity and writing

  • Passionate about the work that I do

  • successful business owner, former interior designer, artist, yogi, teacher, and “closet” novelist, who is mastering the language of her adopted country (yes, that would be french)

  • dreamer, creator, believer in magical transformation and joyful surprises - yours


I created TheMarriageMythCure from years of research, study, personal experience and successful results (mine and others).

I promise, if used liberally,

It will work for you too.

What it can do:

  • give you clarity on how to share, receive and experience love in a way that is true to you

  • release you from being too past or future focused  

  • give you the confidence to know that you are enough and you always have been

  • help you uncover the patterns that trap you in a cycle of arguments or cold wars

  • show you how to let him have his feelings while allowing you to have yours

  • reconnect with your longings and empower your choices

To ensure that we are a good fit -the next step would be to tell me a bit about yourself

  • This brief (and completely confidential) “about Me” form

Will give me enough information to see if I can help you Reclaim your life as the divine woman you are-

If so, I or someone from my team will contact you for a complimentary consultation to see the best way to proceed