Hello Lovely One


let me introduce myself, I’m Kimberly.


I am here to help you end the pain in your marriage, whether you “stay” in love, or part with kindness and grace.

I am in other words your fairy godmother, a.k.a relationship alchemist - here to help find the cure for the brokenness in your marriage -

I only work this magic with one half of the relationship - you.

To help you

  • Fall in love again -with  you

  • Find the commitment you long for - in you

  • Transform your marriage or, baring that…

  • Summon a loving way to part.


I can help you find you again.


Why do I imagine you might be lost?  

  • Because long ago and far away (ok not like in the dark ages, but a couple of decades ago) I was there.

  • I jumped into marriage

  • starry eyed and hopeful,

  • optimistic and sure

  • love was all it took to make my marriage “successful”

There was only one little (okay, really a big, big) problem I discovered too late




I was so focused on “finding the blueprint to marital success” I lost me.

Sound familiar?

Do you know the “essence of you” without using labels

Sadly, Most of us don’t

Which is how I ended up divorced

and why, (I am venturing a guess here),

You might also feel divorce is the only option left to you

But let me encourage you fairest one,

There are other ways


When we marry, being raised on Cinderella, we are high on love and optimism. It can however, mislead us into thinking that is enough.

But, that  “breathless magical” life

we crave is a bit more complicated than

“… and they lived happily ever after”



We’re not the shrinking violet, damsels in distress

myths and fairy tales tell us we are.

We are brave, noble, generous, passionate mysterious wonders, full of magic and power.

We can create our own fairy tales.

It took me half a lifetime to uncover the secret to joy

and it is this simple- become the author of your story.

The old story isn’t working anymore.



  • ARE enough to change that

  • have the power



  • Re-claim  your life

  • Create the dreams you long for


No, It isn’t about running away and leaving everything and everyone you know behind

That Would Be Unrealistic

It is about

  • Capturing thoughts that aren’t serving you

  • Aligning  yourself with your passions (apart from your marriage)

  • Choosing how you want to feel

  • Reconnecting with your inner wisdom

  • Recognizing your magic

  • Quieting the noise the tells you this is all there is

  • Surrendering to self love

  • Reclaiming your time and energy

  • Boldly and passionately experiencing life

What makes me so confident?

Because I have done it.

It took me years.

But that doesn't  have to be your story.

I help women, just like you, find their joy, confidence and clarity

in a surprisingly short amount of time.

I created TheMarriageMythCure from years of research, study, personal experience and successful results (mine and others).

I promise, if used liberally,

It will work for you too.

What it does not include:

  • controlling your world or others.

  • feeling wounded.  

  • believing you have no control

  • giving in to hopelessness

  • blame, games or manipulation

  • or helpless

If you are ready to

  • Become fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire

  • Master your thoughts about who you are


  • Reclaim your confidence as a woman -

I see you and I can help you.