Is your marriage a mess? Struggling to know what to do?


We all long for connection and a deep, passionate love. Sadly, it requires more than “true love’s kiss”.

If you’ve tried everything you know and you are still waiting, hoping something will change, living like roommates at best or strangers at worst, you’re here for a reason.

I will show you a different way of connecting with your husband.

One that allows you to honestly share, feel heard and understood. And creates the space to see and understand him. It’s my job, as a coach, not a therapist, to help you slay the Myths about marriage we all grew up with, to find your truth and your answers. Not the ones we are so often offered.

Raised on Cinderella? Me too.

I still believe in Fairy Tales - and believe they can come true.

But, True Fairy Tales are written when we…


Understand why we get angry with our husband

Ask for what we want and need - and are Heard

Don’t feel trapped in a loveless marriage

reject self judgement - dropping the “not good enough” to love who we are

stay “in love” or leave confidently - without guilt, remorse, what if’s

stop fighting - without giving in

Master a few “husband fixing” tips

discover our divine nature & embrace our innate strengths and gifts - to reflect the queen we are

Can Release the pain and anger without letting go of our right to be angry or sad


True fairy tales happen when we become the author,  (not just a hapless heroine) of our own story.

If we work together,

I will share the truth about love.

How to choose thoughts that will help you create the love you long for.

You can live an audacious life.

 ...the results are amazing.

Using scientifically proven tools, innovative concepts developed from research, personal and professional experience, I can help you turn the tables on pain and doubt. You will reclaim the confidence to feel 100% sure about your next step.


We become stuck

in a cycle of repetitive behavior patterns because we can’t see the limiting beliefs that keep us there. That’s Where I come in - to help you uncover them.

I am here to:

guide you to YOur truth - not what someone else believes you should do.

help you begin to think differently -

help you move confidently in the next, best step - for you.

help you own your power to create YOUR life.

No, I am not a magician, not a therapist, not a counselor. I don’t have a magic wand to change your husband. But I do have the tools you need to make your own magical transformation.

You may choose to re-build with your husband or begin a new journey of your own. I am not attached to whether you stay or go. But I committed to helping you find your truth, so that you can decide.



I was once where you are now 

I tried it all…

  • Positive affirmations

  • Determination

  • Sacrifice

  • Counselors

  • Self help books

  • Advice from friends

  • Everything I could think of


Still, my marriage unraveled.

It wasn’t until after I divorced and realized …

I had been waiting (just like all the heroines in good fairy tales) for him or my marriage, to change so that I could be happy.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Marriage itself can’t make us happy. The pain, confusion, anger and sadness stem from the beliefs we hold on to about what he or our marriage should do or be.

Which means divorce isn’t always the answer either.

I’ve helped countless women uncover and reconnect to their Divine Nature to find their path and their answers.

You are not your marriage. It shouldn’t define you, control you or trap you.

If you are considering an enormous, life changing decision to call it quits - devote some time to discovering what you need to know about you-

  • who you are

  • what you crave - not just what you don’t want

    Because lovely one, YOU are so worth it.

“This was such an epiphany for me. How freeing to realize that as I grow to love me I am able to give up that facade and me be with my vulnerability and desire to be taken care of and appreciated for all I am”


After having used the services of three different marriage therapists during my fourteen year relationship with no results to show for, I was not sure what to expect when I contacted Kimberly. I was in tremendous pain, completely confused and lost. In a few months, I changed so much! I could find my own voice and clearly understand what I want and deserve as a woman and wife. I was able to laugh and find my footing because of my sessions with Kimberly. Now, I continue coaching with Kimberly because I want to improve the skills I learned with her.
— M.V.