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Would You Like to Reclaim Your Joy?


When your marriage has become an endless source of despair, you may doubt “Joy” is even possible. I understand, because twelve years ago I doubted it too.

Hi! I’m Kimberly.

And, I have a secret to share with you.

If you are here now, it means, just like I was, you are searching. You’ve taken the first step toward change. And that, lovely one, is always the hardest one to take.

I can help you take the next step. That is what I do best.

I show you how to gain the clarity you long for and the confidence to act on it. I know, if you’ve gotten this far, you can do it. Because now, you have help.

I am a relationship coach. And, I work with the most important part of any relationship, you.

I don’t have a “Husband Fixing Manual” (although, wouldn’t that be lovely), but I do have the answers you are looking for. I help you find your truth, your answers, to feel totally confident about your next step  -

whether that is reconnecting and rekindling the love in your marriage - or moving on to a new life.

I’ve helped countless other women find what they needed to design a life worthy of a fairy tale ending. Now, it’s your turn.

Here is what a few of them had to say about their experience.

Kimberly has been a tremendous help to me. She asks the hard questions that allowed me to look at the root to so many issues and concerns. She allowed me to find my own path but showed me the tools to find my true, best self. Kimberly has been my amazing tour guide on this important life journey. I do not believe anyone could have guided me in a better, more supportive and motivational way.
— K.H.
Kim has been a huge part of me turning my life around. She is direct and honest and guides you into discovering your inner guide. (In my case, that is the Holy Spirit). Kim will be kind and witty but stays to the business at hand.
If you’re looking for help with coming out of being paralyzed in your life or confused in the direction you should go, she will help lead you to discover “your” path.
— S.N.

“Eat, Pray, Love “was a runaway best seller for a reason. It struck a chord. I had to close the book after the first chapter because at the time I was utterly lost in a painful marriage of my own.

But that was 12 years ago.

Who Am I Today?

A happily married wife, mother, stepmother, friend, sister, daughter, artist, writer - living a dream life right outside Paris in the charming hamlet of Orléans, France


I am a life/relationship coach, speaker, author - heart driven to help other women, just like you - who are just like I was once upon a time.


 Marriage is a three part  union - you, him, us - You are the missing puzzle piece.

Let go of the

“Him” and  the “Us” in favor of the You.