Reclaim Your Joy. Radiate Confidence. Rediscover You.


After the honeymoon is over, the reality of life with another human being sets in. For some couples, that reality is anything but dreamy. You can be successful in all other areas of your life, but if your marriage is struggling, you can’t fully enjoy it.

Most people assume you must choose between living miserably in a dead marriage or deciding to “consciously uncouple” — but it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

The key to finding your happily ever after is simple:

it’s finding yourself.

That’s where I come in. As a relationship coach, I don’t focus on rebuilding the relationship between you and your husband. I focus on you by offering an unbiased perspective on your marriage, supporting you where you are, and helping you find that elusive joy you’ve been missing.

Kimberly has been a tremendous help to me. She asks the hard questions that allowed me to look at the root to so many issues and concerns. She allowed me to find my own path but showed me the tools to find my true, best self. Kimberly has been my amazing tour guide on this important life journey. I do not believe anyone could have guided me in a better, more supportive and motivational way.
— K.H.
Kim has been a huge part of me turning my life around. She is direct and honest and guides you into discovering your inner guide. (In my case, that is the Holy Spirit). Kim will be kind and witty but stays to the business at hand.
If you’re looking for help with coming out of being paralyzed in your life or confused in the direction you should go, she will help lead you to discover “your” path.
— S.N.

Discover your essence and how you perceive the world with your signature, psychology driven heroine archetype.

Unlock your  innate strengths, gifts and skills and put them to use to rewrite your story.


 Marriage is a three part  union - you, him, us - You are the missing puzzle piece.

Find your magic again by letting go of the

“Him” and  the “Us”, in favor of the You.